What We Do
1. Portfolio Acquisitions
Portfolio purchases are the foundation of our company. For over 30 years, we’ve acquired performing, out-of-favor, and distressed equipment finance portfolios from banks, captive finance companies, independent lessors, and specialty finance companies that seek to sell existing assets for many reasons, including the need to:

·      De-leverage
·      Generate liquidity
·      Return to core business
·      Mitigate business and financial risks
·      Eliminate contingent liabilities
·      Increase provisions for loan losses 

In addition to portfolio purchases, we also evaluate, price, and close specialty-finance company acquisitions with efficiency and data-driven analyses. We look for attractive opportunities by evaluating the company characteristics and performance history of the underlying assets; If we decide to move forward with the acquisition, we’ll offer a letter of intent summarizing the proposed terms of acquisition, subject to final due diligence, negotiations, and legal documentation.

Acquisition Targets: Portfolio acquisitions may range from approximately $2.5 million to $200 million or more in the transportation, manufacturing, construction and distribution sectors.

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2. Lease & Loan Origination

Backed by a Miami-based investment firm, our lending capacity is vast and allows for fully-customized, secure financing solutions for business owners looking to purchase new equipment, refinance existing assets, or replace current collateral. Partnering with us ensures nimble, relationship-centric, exceptional service that works for you, your business, and your clients. Whether you need updated collateral, financing of new or used purchases to expand your business, or re-financing of existing equipment, we’re here to help. We finance many types of equipment, with a focus on the following:

We offer vehicle financing solutions covering all types of commercial vehicles and work closely with you to identify what type of vehicle loan you need to ensure timely, smooth and professional service.


Whether you’re financing or leasing manufacturing equipment, our specialists will break down the benefits for both approaches and hone in on a program that meets your unique business needs.


We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to identifying the right tools and machinery and ensure competitive financing or leasing solutions to help you build your portfolio.


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3. Lease Servicing
We have a comprehensive servicing team experienced in all aspects of managing diverse, complex assets. Capabilities and expertise include:

Credit Analysis

We have comprehensive credit evaluation, documentation and contract entry system.

Customer Service

We help our customers with an experienced team providing accurate and reliable solutions to meet your business needs whenever they arise.

Documentation Management

Managing documentation is part of our frontend origination support.

Billing & Collections

Our billing and collection systems enable us to address customer conditions ranging from regular payers to severely delinquent payers.


In-house credit, collection, legal and asset management professionals have experience dealing with defaulted contracts and restructuring deals when it makes economic sense to do so, including working out settlements where appropriate, and repossession and re-marketing assets to mitigate losses.

Asset Disposition

Our Asset Management Department provides customers with a less costly alternative to managing their owned repossessed assets, as well as meeting the equipment needs for customers, who may not quality for traditional financing alternatives.

Legal, Taxes, & Accounting

We are staffed with seasoned personnel experienced in our back-end servicing, including legal, tax and accounting.